My Books

I am very proud to have written books ranging from a logic textbook, to a diary of Jesus, to an outline of my political philosophy. My current project is a series of philosophical dialogues, which will cover topics in philosophy, theology, politics, current events, and much more. There will eventually be many more titles, but the first five can be found below. The first two or three are coming to Kindle this August!

Concealed Within Scripture

If you have ever wondered what Jesus would have written, had he taken the time to do so, then you should read this book. The book closely follows the Gospels, but does so by interpreting the Parable of the Gospels themselves. They were never intended to be literal truth, but only parabolic stories full of symbols and metaphor.

Why I'm Not A Democrat

If you've taken classes in the United States, especially in California, then you have been exposed to a distorted view of the Democratic Party. As a political independent, I have never bought the fable that the Democratic Party was the savior of the weak and humble. I make the case here that the Democratic Party is thoroughly racist, imposes a moral view on others, and ignores the separation of church and state when it suits its ideology.

Logic For Beginners
This textbook will teach you about basic reasoning, what it is, and how to improve your reasoning skills. From the basics of an argument to deduction and induction, from Venn diagrams to truth tables and natural deduction, this book will introduce you to the fundamental terminology and concepts used throughout the academy, in a practical and hands-on way.