Reasoning and Problem Solving
Philosophy 144
Counseling 144

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Michael J. Monge

I attended Saddleback College for three years, where I completed my I.G.E.T.C. courses. Then, in 1994, I transferred to U.C.I. My major was philosophy, and I completed enough credits the next year to earn a B.A. in philosophy in 1995. Afterwards, I earned a Master's Degree in philosophy in 1999.

Teaching Experience

I worked as a substitute teacher for a few years after I earned my Master's Degree. I considered becoming a High School teacher, but realized that wasn't for me. So, I started teaching Philosophy at the Community College level.

I have taught philosophy at Long Beach City College since January 2000. I have also taught at Santa Ana College, Irvine Valley College, Santiago Canyon College, Orange Coast College, and Cerritos College. I have taught a wide range of courses, including Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Logic, Introduction to Ethics, Critical Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving, World Religions, Contemporary Moral Issues, History of Philosophy, and Political Philosophy.


I have a lovely wife and a beautiful daughter, who is in her final year at Harvard as a Philosophy and Religious Studies major. I am also the author of Concealed Within Scripture: The Diary of Jesus, and Why I'm Not A Democrat: And Why You Probably Shouldn't Be Either. I have also published an introductory logic textbook: Logic For Beginners: A Skills-Based Introduction. All my books are available online at Archimedes Publishing.