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Is Evolution Real?
Is Evolution Real?
Is Indoctrination Wrong?
Is Indoctrination Wrong?
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The image above is from "The Death of Socrates" by Jacques-Louis David. It shows Socrates accepting the cup of hemlock which would send him to his death. You can read about this astonishing episode in the dialogs of Plato, especially the Apology, Crito, and Phaedo.

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Mike Monge, and I teach philosophy, which is the study of truth and the attempted resolution of rational dilemmas, usually through the use of logic and reasoning. I always wanted to be a writer, but started teaching philosophy after grad school and fell in love with it. Over the years, I have still managed to do a little writing, and I hope you get a chance to read some of it and let me know what you think. 
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I am currently teaching at Long Beach City College, Santiago Canyon College, Saddleback College, and Orange Coast College. I teach introductions to philosophy, logic, and ethics, as well as critical thinking, and sometimes world religions and political philosophy.

If you are enrolled in my classes, the best place to get the textbook is usually your college bookstore. For older editions, and for other suggested readings, you can use the links below.

General Reading Recommendations

Links Connected to Philosophical Dilemmas Textbook
Suggested Readings in Ethics

Moral Relativism and Moral Objectivism

I have tried to find links to Amazon which had multiple formats which were all inexpensive. You may be able to find many of these books for less or even for free other places online. If you find an inexpensive source for a reading, or think that a different reading would be preferable, please let me know.

Hedonism and Pluralism

Psychological Egoism and Altruism

Suggested Readings in Theology

Is There an Afterlife?

The Cosmological Argument (Causal Theist)

The Teleological Argument (Design Theist)

Atheism and Agnosticism

The Problem of Evil and Theodicy

Suggested Readings in Epistemology

Faith and Evidence

Foundationalism and Pragmatism

Rationalism and Empiricism

Internalist Skepticism and the Perceiver

Suggestions for Political Philosophy

Egalitarianism and Elitism

Libertarianism and Paternalism

Capitalism and Socialism

Essentialism and Non-Essentialism

Suggestions for Metaphysics/Human Nature

The Mind-Body Problem

Metaphysical Libertarianism and Hard Determinism


The Male/Female Distinction